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The United States is utilizing Private-Public-Partnerships to assist in solving some of our nation's most complex public health issues.  One such area of partnership includes both academic and medical institutions to conduct clinical research.  In an effort to devise successful public health policy changes and new programs, lawmakers rely on properly conducted research and its outcomes.  As political decisions become more reliant on federally funded research projects that are conducted by private industry, the potential for a serious conflict of interest can occur. We must prioritize the needs of the public's health and well-being over private industry goals. 

If public health polices are devised based on the outcomes of privately funded research, how can we be assured the research was ethically conducted?  That the study outcomes now utilized by our lawmakers are of the highest quality?

One way is by electing to engage in the current research taking place!  Instead of sitting idly by while special interest groups gather up all the funding via grants to conduct research on products/treatments that will ultimately be marketed to replace our safe and effective opioid medications, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our members to engage in the "right research trials."  Trials that are not merely seeking to dismiss the benefits of opioid medications but rather trials that are genuinely attempting to answer a scientific question.

CIAAG is advocating for funding allocation to support necessary studies regarding opioid based medications; that they can be beneficial to a patient's well being, functional status and improve an individual's quality of life.  These studies should include (but not be limited to) documenting the societal impact our nation's opioid sparing policies on the citizenry.

Navigating this new and growing arena can be difficult.  Where can you find the trials?  How do you sign up?  Is it safe?  Additionally, you will want to know what the ultimate goals of the study are.  Are they trying to cure a disease?  Or are they trying to prove one medication or treatment has superior efficacy over another?

These are all important questions to ask when one is considering participation in a clinical trial.

With billions of dollars already invested into clinical trials, we have seen little to no studies being conducted that supports the safe use of opioid medications for the treatment of pain from chronic illnesses, diseases and other conditions.  We at CIAAG have partnered with Antidote to help our members do just that!  By using their Match Tool we can help you sift through the thousands of active clinical trials that are available to you. 

What is a Clinical Trial? 

Clinical research is medical research that involves people like you. When you volunteer to take part in clinical research, you help doctors and researchers learn more about disease and improve health care for people in the future. 


  • CIAAG aims to match our members to clinical research trials that will help create the research we need to support our advocacy efforts. 
  • Our Executive Team has partnered with Antidote to create a List of trials that meet our high ethical standards.
  • CIAAG is not compensated for hosting the Match Tool.

How does the Clinical Trial Match Trial Work? 

  • Use the matching tool to find active clinical trials
  • Click start on the matching tool 
  • Enter the type of trial you're seeking
  • Select the location for the trial(s)
  • Enter your demographic information
  • Sign up for trial alerts so you can be notified when trials matching your parameters are published

What parameters does CIAAG review? 

  • Level of transparency of the study 
  • The academic /medical Institution conducting the study
  • Complexity of the patient contracts, including, payment for participation, limitations on use of data and personal image.
  • Ultimate goals of the study being conducted. 

Match to a Clinical Trial in 60 seconds:

  • Know your options
  • Access the latest treatment
  • Receive customized updates